Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Comeback!

It's been a long time since I've been able to write. So long that I almost gave up on my mission.

It's been over a year...and since then crime has ravaged this city.
I don't even recongize my own town anymore.

During the day, sure, it's business as usual...but at night...the streets are cleared before the sun sets.

People are afraid. Afraid of Crimson, and the wrath he has brought upon Capital City.

Just last month, the dome our our beloved Capitol was blown apart by a deliberate attack by Crimson and his goons. Hundreds were killed, even more injured.
He had no reason, no ransom demand.

He did it because he can...because no one is powerful enough to stop him...because I failed to stop him.

I awoke yesterday morning, opened my eyes...just like every morning.
Except this time...when I opened them...another man was sitting beside me reading the paper.

Startled at the intruder...I grabbed the shotgun lying next to me in the bed, and swung it around and pointed at the man...ready to pull the trigger.

"Who are you, what do you want?" I yelled at him.

He slowly put down the paper, and removed the glasses that were on his face.
"That's funny," he said "I was just about to ask you the same question."

I just stared at him...confused.

After a moment he said..."We'll since you asked first, My name is Adolphus Jackson...and I just want a few mintues of your time."

"Why should I"

He replied, "It took me the better part of a year to find you.....Vigil."

'He knows who I am?' I thought.

He continued, "...and I know you and my niece Stephanie were...shall we say..close."

I lowered my gun. "How did you find out about me? I made sure I covered my tracks everytime." I said

"True...you were fairly thorough...but i figured if Crimson could get to you...so could I....especially with my connections to the FBI...but don't worry your 'secret' is safe with me"

"Why are you here then?"

"To help you answer the question you first asked me...and to get justice for Stephanie. And we both know that the court system now is nothing short of a joke." he said.

"What can I do....I'm just an everyday worthless, handicapped bum that can barely find enough food to eat and a rat hole to live in."

"What if I said I could give you back your true identiy...and...your ability to walk." he said almost in a whisper.


He smiled. "Come with me."

...to be continued.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The meaning of Vigil

As I sit here recovering...lost in my thoughts I've come to realize that what I represent is more than just a crime fighter. A couple of days ago I was in my wheelchair getting some items from the grocery store, when I saw a man pull a gun on the cashier. Of course the cashier was scared and I couldn't really do anything. But I could tell the robber was henchman of Crimson by the red mark he had on his clothing. Just when I thought he was going to get away, four men (other shoppers I guess) jumped the guy all at the same time. "Victory for Vigil" they said as they held him down. And as the cops came and took the robber away, I realized then, that I'm not just a vigilante. I am light in the night, something that represents the greater good. Just when you think its all over, there's still a fighting chance.
I know now more than ever...that I have to, somehow, get out of this chair. If ordinary citizens still believe in me, why can't I believe in myself. Stephanie...I won't let you down. The days of the sadistic acts of Crimson are numbered. I will be that light in the night...a light for the people of Capital City...especially when all other lights have gone out.

Look for my return very soon.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I failed....


I just woke up a few minutes ago...lying here on this cold concrete makeshift hosptial bed....inside my secret underground base of operations.
I've been out cold for weeks. The last thing I remember was.........a huge flash of light from the explosion produced from that computer bomb. I tried to crawl away with just my arms, as my legs were complete useless....but I must have blacked out from the pain.
Crimson made me choose between me and the mayor's daughter....why should she have to suffer from what I started.
According to the paper, she's safe, but now I'm paralyzed from the waste down...not to mention my vision is gone out of one eye...and I can't really hear very well anymore.
Thanks to the guys who rescued me and that keep getting my blog and my story out there to inspire hope.
Even though there's not much of me left right now...my resolve has never been stronger.
Criminals are still loose...Crimson is still loose....and that means no one is safe.
I must recover if I am going to make a differance...I can't allow evil to prevail!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where is...

# 13 - posted by Matt

Vigil? Hey everyone, Matt here. Sorry about the delay on posting, but the truth is I haven't heard from Vigil in weeks. He usually sends us an email with his latest post and then we re-post it on this site.

He had found the answer to Crimson's riddle (the letter "E" of all things) and had gone back to the abandoned paper factory to try and find the mayor's daughter.

This transmission from his suit cam was the last that we have seen or heard of him.

[More videos from johnvigil]
And with the re-emergence of the mayor's daughter I'm worried that Vigil might be hurt or worse.

A group of us went out and searched the warehouse, all that's left is an empty crater. I hope he's okay, what will this city do without someone fighting for us.

Monday, March 23, 2009


# 12 - posted by Matt

from an anonymous URL:

Stephanie. You fought hard, clinging on to life a month longer than doctors can explain. But I know you. I could never come close to your inner strength. And although you didn't know it, I was there every night on that hospital balcony, watching you silently struggle to reopen your eyes.

But they never did....and you went quietly last Thursday evening.

People say that my counterpart was a no-show to your funeral, don't believe it. Hidden away in the shadows, I watched as your casket was lowered into the ground. I watched and knew more than anyone, that of all the people to be taken, you were the least deserving. The balance of good has shifted with your passing, and I don't think we can recover.

I know you are at a much better place. A place free of the murderous filth that started those fires on Valentine's Day....A place free of Crimson.

I hope you can forgive me for not being there the moment you needed me the most. You are gone too soon and I will never be the same.

- Vigil

The gloves are off now....Crimson can not be free. I'll have more suit updates soon. - V.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Close Call

# 11 - posted by Abel

from an anonymous URL:

Maybe I’m getting close or maybe someone’s just being pre-emptive. Last night while trying to follow a lead the shit hit the fan. Thank God it was unusually quiet. I just happen to look up and saw a glint of light on top of one of the smaller buildings. Then I heard it, a safety clicking off. Barely had time to duck as a bullet grazed my shoulder. I ran for cover into the nearest alley when I heard the motorcycles, two of them. I was being hunted. A sniper on the high ground and two hunters street level, part of being a warrior is knowing when to fight and when to perform a tactical retreat.

With a sniper overhead open ground is the last place you want to be so I stayed close to the building walls. Those fucking motorcycles were a big problem, they can go almost anywhere. Sure enough one of them found me. That’s when I stepped it up a notch.
Pepper spray and pepper balls are all the self-defense rage right now. They’re ok if all you want to do is get away. I use what I like to call my little pouches of persuasion. Think little cotton cloth pouches filled with my own special blend of crushed glass and salt! Some people are resistant to red pepper, no-one is immune to having their eyes and lungs shredded by glass shards. The salt is a personal touch.

One was all I needed. He was at the end of the alley and I hit him right in the face. He screamed and slammed into a wall before spilling out. The cycle behind him tried to weave but no luck. He crashed into him and neither of them got up.
I was still wary of the sniper so I high-tailed it out of there. It’s nice to know my work is being admired.

I guess the bullet didn't exactly graze me.

- Vigil

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's all a game...

# 10 - posted by Matt

from an anonymous URL:

to him. There's no trace of empathy for the people he's hurting. Hiding away in the shadows, he observes for his entertainment, the torment that he causes. I'm the rat running through the maze....the mayor's daughter the prize.

I was getting nowhere in my search for her until this email:
Hey Vigil,
Don't know if you actually would read this or not, but I was looking at that note from Crimson and something caught
my eye. Down in the lower right hand corner, it looks like a water mark or something...
Good Luck,
Sam K. in Jersey

Where the two axis meet (x and y) and the day begins a new (east), it makes sense in a twisted Crimson type of way....The water mark is from the abandoned Capital City Paper Company. I scoped it out this morning.

This was all I found....

An empty warehouse and a laptop. I realize now, that he has no intention of letting this girl go. This will go on, until one of us ends up dead. I hope the modifications I'm making to my suit will help, but time is running out.

People are scared. The mayor's frantically shutting down the city with police pounding the streets 24/7 (and they don't exactly like me).

They won't find her....alive anways. Crimson doesn't want that. He wants a city consumed with fear and the blood of an innocent girl on my hands.

One part he's got I hope the other I can stop.

- Vigil

Here's a live link up to the laptop in the warehouse, see if you can help Vigil figure out Crimson's plan.
- Matt

[More videos from johnvigil]
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